Enhance The Look of Your Fleet

When you’re running a transport business, you want your fleet to look good, sturdy and efficient, as this means that you are maintaining your fleet effectively. Whatever type of transport service you provide, whether it’s maintenance, hospitality, construction, utility, or delivery services, your bottom line will be good if your service fleet runs as expected.

Importance of Making Your Fleet Look Good

Your vehicles are the physical representatives of your company. Seeing a delivery truck or car with vibrant, slick color and clean exteriors makes an excellent impression. The physical features help sell your company. On the other hand, when you see a weathered, rundown vehicle, a prospective customer will not think that the vehicle came from delivery. The first thing that will come to their mind is that the company does not maintain its vehicles.

When you care for your vehicles, you preserve their value, and you gain a better ROI through the entire life cycle of the vehicle. When you are operating a large fleet, pickup trucks and cars are your more important assets.

The protective properties of a spray on bed liner give your fleet a waterproof layer that seals the surface of your truck beds. The protective layer prevents damage caused by moisture, wind, dust, UV rays, and rust, which often prematurely age your vehicles. Moreover, the protective coating prevents scratches, holes, dents, and other damage from the different materials you load into the trucks. The spray on truck bed liner adheres to most surfaces, giving a lifetime of protection. It reaches hard-to-reach areas and seals seams, joints, corners, slight gaps, and tiny holes.

Spray on bed liners are available in different colors, allowing you to color-match the spray-on bed liners with the exterior paint of the vehicles. Not only that. Spray on bed liners provide a textured, non-slip surface, which prevents cargo, particularly the delicate ones, from moving around the truck, preventing damage not only to the truck bed but also to the load you are transporting.

Ensure that you keep your fleet in good condition. Aside from maintenance, it is crucial to add a layer of protection to your vehicles by using spray on truck bed liner so your vehicles will not only look good but will keep your customers’ cargo safe.

Spray on Bed Liners

You can virtually DIY anything. All you need to do is search Youtube with your subject “dujour” and off you go. Spray on bed liners are no different. However, as you will see from this video posted by Bleepinjeep even spray on bed liners are a DIY option. However, if your not into DIY everything and are in search of a bed liner for your truck, call the experts at Wolf Bed Liners.

Colored Bed Liners

Your typical spray-on bed liner is either gray or black. But why not consider a different color alternative? Customize your truck with a colored spray on bed liner.

There are multiple colors to choose from to give your truck that special accent.

Spray on bed liners come in various pigments

  • Black
  • Camouflage Green
  • Camouflage Brown
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Desert Tan
  • Dove Gray

Contact Wolf Bed Liners when you’re ready to customize your truck bed liner. Wolf Bed Liners is your trusted expert for spray-on bed liners.

Advantages of Truck Bed Liners

You just spent a small fortune on your truck and now you want to protect your investment. Having a bed liner installed is a smart way to accomplish just that. Here are the top five benefits of spray on bed liners for your truck.

  • Maintains the Value of Your Vehicle
  • Protects Truck Bed Against Corrosion
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Low Maintenance
  • Custom Fit

When you’re ready to have your bed liner installed in your new truck, look no further than Wolf Bed liners. They are your trusted bed liner resource.

Bedliner Paint

What is bedliner paint?

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A Spray-in bed liner is just that, a sprayed-in material. The application is done in a paint booth by an installer using a spray gun. Spray-in (or Spray on as it is also referred to) bed liner is basically a thick painted-on coating of 100% polyurethane, 100% polyurea, or a hybrid of both.

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Is a spray on bedliner worth it?

spray on bedliners
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You might get a premium bedliner but if you hire an unskilled person to spray it on your truck, you’ll miss on all its key benefits. All in all, a liner that does its job well is worth every cent. It will protect your truck paint from chipping, keep off scratches, dents, rust and corrosion.

But what about drop in bedliners? I heard they can save me alot of money?

Plastic liners are known to trap water between the liner and the bed of the truck. This can cause rust or corrosion, especially if your truck sits outside for a long period of time. Because once a plastic liner is loose, it can wear through the paint on the bed floor.

How long does a spray in liner take to dry?

Your Liner is cured to touch and light use when you pick it up. We suggest that you wait 24 hours before washing and placing anything over 50 lbs in the bed of your truck. After 24 hours there are no restrictions.

When you’re ready for a new bedliner, contact the professionals at Wolf Bediners