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Don’t neglect your trucks bed

The beauty and performance of a well-made, well installed bed liner is great information for anyone with a truck that will be hauling or transporting anything, literally anything of any importance in that truck. While the lining of that truck is not an absolute necessity, should it be and shouldn’t that same bed liner be well maintained ? The answer is yes and yes!

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Before we get to the visual benefits of a bed liner let’s look at the primary benefits of that bed liner. From a protection standpoint alone, that bed liner is a necessity. Without a bed liner and any type of material being hauled in that bed, one is bound to accumulate major scrapes and gouges in the paint and metal body surface of that truck bed. Once that surface is compromised the elements become a formidable enemy. Once that foundational metal surface is exposed rain and heat will start a very un-welcome deterioration process. Simply put that impaired metal surface is going to begin to rust and in turn begin to break down. Rust, Rust, Rust is not your truck’s friend. And the primary reason not to neglect your truck’s bed liner is that this will lead quickly to ugly and damaging rust which turns into very costly repairs of holes that then create leaks and a general weakened surface material. At every point this is a bad series of events. 

As a one stop list, here are some general points to consider and a host of baseline reasons why your truck should be protected by a bedliner

  • Spray on bed liners can be easily repaired. If damage happens to occur, repairs can be very simple and a much easier process than repair of the truck bed surface.
  • A well made bed liner will keep your cargo protected and keep it from sliding around. This is a two-fold benefit, both to your truck and it’s cargo. 
  • The liner will reduce the vibration of cargo and act more like a shock absorber as protection. 
  • Protection from the elements like wind, rain and heat which can cause substantial breakdown. 

While the protection aspect is a primary concern, let’s not underestimate the visual perks and general interest a well-made bed liner can create. The bottom line is that it just looks good. No two ways about it. A nice bed liner makes your truck look much better with than without. And who doesn’t like an elevated appearance right? That same bed liner will also extend the life of your truck because of the added and strengthened protection aspect. 

Lastly, while that truck or fleet of trucks may serve as a current favorite, generally speaking there will come a time to sell one, some or all of those trucks. Whether it’s 1 or 10 trucks resale is a very important aspect to consider. That extra layer of protection will without a doubt ramp up the resale value of your truck. And we all know, that’s just good business all around. 

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